What are breaches?

Bournville Village Trust are the long-term stewards of Lawley Village and as part of our estates and stewardship service, we are responsible for ensuring covenants are followed.

When you bought or rented your home, you would have signed either a TP1 document or rental agreement, in which detailed the covenants that are in place. If you aren’t aware of the covenants, prior to making any alterations to the outside of your home, we advise you get in touch with us, so we can provide any advice needed. Our team are happy to make appointments convenient to you, including evenings and weekends. Further details are also available in the Lawley Design Guide.

To get in touch please contact 0300 333 6540 or email lawleystewardship@bvt.org.uk.
If a breach is reported to us or one of our estate officers picks it up during a routine inspection, the following process is followed:

Step one: Contact/letter or postcard.
When a breach is identified your Estates Officer will initially try and make contact with you to discuss the breach or if this isn’t possible at the time, either leave a postcard asking you to contact them or send a letter. We want to work directly with you as soon as we can to put things right.

We want to work directly with you as soon as we can to put things right.

Step two: Advisory letter.
If you haven’t contacted us after seven days of receiving the postcard, we will send a letter that tells you about the breach and what you should do to resolve the breach.

We can call or visit you at your preferred time to discuss how we can work together.

Step three: Final letter.
If you haven’t contacted us in the last 14 days, we will send a last letter that tells you about the steps we will take if you do not contact us.

We are here to help you avoid any further action, please contact us.

Step four: Notice of Breach
At this stage if you haven’t made contact with us to resolve the issue we will move forward with formal action. You will receive a letter giving you ‘notice of breach’.
Please contact us within 14 days of this letter to avoid any additional costs.

Step five: Breach of covenant.

After 14 days you will receive a letter notifying you your property is now in Breach of Covenant. You may incur additional costs.

Legal action can be avoided by working with us.

Step six: Legal Action
The case will be referred to our solicitors to begin legal action. We may inform your mortgage company. This action may impact on you being able to sell your home.

We don’t want to take action against you, please work with us to resolve issues at the first stage.

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