Lawley Grounds Maintenance Reports

Following the appointment of M&BG Limited as our grounds maintenance contractors, we will be sharing their reports regularly regarding the work carried out in areas of our responsibility. Further details about M&BG Limited and their schedule is available from Lawley Village – Lawley grounds maintenance contract (bvtlawleyvillage.org.uk)

We would welcome feedback from residents on the layout of the reports and whether more or less information is required or whether you wish to report any issues.

If you’d like details of which areas fall under BVT’s responsibility, please pop into the Lawley Community Hub or email lawleystewardship@bvt.org.uk

Phases 1A & 1B include the following roads:

Ashwicke Road, Caxton Close, Church Croft, Clips Moor, Eastcote Avenue, Glendale , Pepper Mill, Ralphs Close, Smallhill Road, St Johns Walk, Stainburn Road, Well Croft, Wooley Road and Yewtree Moor

Phase 2 includes the following roads

Barrack Close, Cadman Court, Parkes Court and West Centre Way

Phase 3 includes the following roads

Barclay Fold, Birchfield Way, Bray Lane, Cheshires Way, Grice Lane, Hobbins Lane, Light Lane, Miriam Lane, Pantulf Close, Plimmers Lane, Reynolds Fold, Stoney Fold, The Foxholes, Turold Mews and Wulfgeat Lane

Phase 4 includes the following roads

Birchfield Way, Cottom Way, Dobbins Lane, Higgs Row, Newdale Halt, Sunny Lane, Symon Fold and Synders Way

Phase 5 includes the following roads

Baxter Drive, Brooks Avenue and Grant Close

Phase 6 includes the following roads

Bailey Grove, Bush Lane, Candlin Way, Daker Row, Darrall Road, Duddell Street, Leonard Grove, Lineton Close, Lovatt Lane, Monastery Close, Peregrine Drive, Rees Way, Smithy Way, The Cloisters and Wall Close

Phase 7 includes the following roads

Barn Fold, Bird Way, Bryce Way, Dimpson Crescent, Dutimoors Drive, Garsty Lane, Jeff Grove, Machin Place, North Moor Grove, Palin Grove, Proctor Avenue and Walkiss Crescent

Phase 8 includes the following roads

Barn Lane, Bemrose Avenue, Bickerton Grove, Birchfield Way, Booth Crescent, Bright Lane, Churm Lane, Hoyle Lane, Lavender Close, Linnel Grove, Lloyd Close, Pearce Drive, Sandhole Crescent, Strawberry Moor, Whitehead Grove and Wooding Drive

Phase 9 includes the following roads

Archer Drive, Arkinstall Grove, Churchward Drive, Doody Close, Dowley Lane, Eunice Way, Handley Way, Maxfield Crescent, Newby Lane, Peak Fold and Simkin Close

Phase 10 includes the following roads

Alford Plalce, Capes Lane, Husselbee Crescent, Isiah Avenue, Kilgallon Road, Meyer Crescent and Tonks Drive

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