Congratulations to our Lin

Posted on: 25 Apr 24

Lindsey Powell, BVT Community & Partnership Development Officer is a talented lady, she’s recently had her own book of poems published and is shortly going to read some of her poems to the Lawley Bank Court poetry group on Friday 3rd May at 11am.

Lin said: “I think it’s great to have groups such as the Lawley Bank Court Poetry Group and I’m honoured, if not a little nervous’, that they asked me to join them. There are lots of ways to become involved in the Lawley community whether your hobbies are all things green, creative or event-wise, there’s always something going on.”

Find out about more events and groups on our website.

If you’d like to become more involved in the community but don’t know how, contact Lin and she’ll be able to let you know what’s going on in the area. You can pop into the Lawley Community Hub in the village square or email her at lawleystewardship@bvt.org.uk

We can’t print one of the published poems, but Lin has written many in different subjects and she’s kindly said we could share this one, which I’m sure many of us will relate too!

Marry Someone

Marry someone who brings you a cup of tea in bed every day.

Marry someone you phone first with your bad news, it’s harder to share than the good.

Marry someone who pulls the medical stocking away from itching between your big toe and second toe in the hospital.

Marry someone who scrapes the ice off your car while you’re still in bed.

Marry someone who makes you laugh and sometimes cry but never walks away.

Marry someone you tag with places you want to visit together but may never afford.

Marry someone with passion that will never grow old.

Marry someone who adores the children you made together.

Marry someone that will love you exactly as you are and who you let see your-imperfect-self.

Marry someone that tags you in pictures of million-pound houses after dreaming about our lotto win together.

Marry someone who tells you a song reminds them of you.

Marry someone that forgets to say you look nice but remembers to pick up the children.

Marry someone who does a million little things that add up to a lifetime of love together, even if they can’t find the wash bin.