Considerate parking saves lives

Posted on: 09 Apr 24

Roads and pathways are the responsibility of the local authority once they have been adopted. As a developing area, many of our roads are still unadopted which means the local authority have no powers in relation to inconsiderate parking. Although, if dangerous situations occur, such as roadways being blocked, the police may get involved.

We’ve recently had reports from residents regarding parking issues in Booth Crescent/Linnel Grove, which we’ve passed to the local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

If you have issues around parking and would like to know whether to contact the local authority or police, please get in touch and we’ll be able to advise. You can pop into Lawley Community Hub in the village square or email lawleystewardship@bvt.org.uk

Further information about parking is also available at www.telford.gov.uk/info/20687/parking_enforcement_information