Warning of algae in ponds on Birchfield Way

Posted on: 03 Jun 24

Following our post below: we’re pleased to advise that following examinations, it has been confirmed that it is Spirogyra, which is a filamentous green alga. Although unsightly it is not hazardous.

29 April 2024 – We’d like to advise following blooms of algae being seen in the ponds on Birchfield Way, the Developer Group have specialists coming to check whether this is Blue Green Algae, as this can be harmful.

Signs have been put up in the area as a precaution, to warn people not to touch the water, which includes our four-legged friends, so please ensure you keep dogs on a lead.

The Developer Group’s contractors are going to lay Barley Straw on the water, as this can help control the blooms – so please don’t touch these.

Once the test results are back, we will update everyone on the situation.

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